Cristina Chimisso (Open University) at SHE – Unimi

Prof. Cristina Chimisso (Open University London), currently Senior Visiting Fellow at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Milan, will deliver two lectures at the Seminar of Historical Epistemology.

The first one is scheduled for March 20 (2.30 p.m.) in Sala Paci, please find below the title and abstract. Everybody is welcome!

Historical Epistemology”

Abstract: Although the term ‘historical epistemology’ has been used to indicate more than one cluster of research projects, it was originally coined by Dominique Lecourt as a label for the French philosophical tradition associated with Gaston Bachelard and Georges Canguilhem. I shall discuss historical epistemology in this original sense. I shall argue that the philosophical significance of historical epistemology would be even greater if historians of philosophy, first, properly distinguished Bachelard’s and Canguilhem’s respective philosophies, and, second, considered often neglected historical epistemologists, including Léon Brunschvicg, EÉmile Meyerson, Hélène Metzger, Abel Rey and Lucien Lévy-Bruhl. I shall also argue that historical epistemology offers interesting historiographical models to the historically-minded historian of philosophy.

The second talk is scheduled for April 2 (10.30 a.m.) in Sala Paci, please find below the title and abstract. Everybody is welcome!

Normal: Georges Canguilhem on medicine and the individual

The boundary between what is considered normal and what is considered
pathological is not stable, and in some cases is highly controversial. Is there a right way of drawing this distinction? And who should decide whether a state is normal or pathological? The philosopher Georges Canguilhem (1904-1995) provided original answers to these questions. I shall discuss them, and argue that they can still play an important role in our current debates. At the same time, I shall indicate some of their limitations.

University of Milan, Dept. Of Philosophy, via Festa del Perdono 7, 20122 MilanoFurther information @ |

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